Pants on fire

It’s quite rich how a consistent liar gets irritable when you don’t believe them. At times, I really have to hold back laughter while watching a tantrum that is just short of them stomping their feet, as they exclaim “No matter what I say it won’t change anything!”.

Well that, my darling, is your own damn fault.

How can anyone choose to believe you or trust you when your words are empty? You say one thing and do the opposite. That, I can rely on, as you’ve proved hundreds of times that’s how you work.
You proclaim you love me then walk in the door and ignore me, neglect me, leave me last on your list every single day. Strangers, who you so desperately need to approve of you/ like you/find you attractive, they come first. For them, who you say “mean nothing”, you go out of your way to talk to, spend time with, show affection to. It’s madness, but oh, we’re not allowed to see it that way because “you’re suffering”.

News flash: You being miserable on the inside does not give you the green light to piss all over the rest of us. In no universe does it work that way, even the one in your mind which you are the center of. (Beautiful myth, that center of the universe notion.)
You are destructive and by continuing to live in such a manner you will find yourself rejected, alone, and despised.

Try the truth. Even when it’s ugly, it’s glorious. Lies are not power, that’s an illusion. Lies are your downfall, your enemy.

I feel for you (I really do) but not enough to let you mash me into a pulp. Been there, done that, not falling for it again. So you keep going about being a selfish liar and then throw your hands up to proclaim I don’t value what you say, as you ignore it is you who created the issue from the start. It’s such a pleasure watching you kick me and then hearing you whine your foot aches terribly. Woe is you, and only you, until your guilt valve turns on for ten seconds, then woe how awful you feel, until you switch it off and go right back to the cruelest person again.

If you refuse to even genuinely try then no one around you should bother to genuinely care. Yet you’re probably taking advantage of kind, loving, people who rarely stand up for themselves and let you abuse them. Too bad life isn’t fair. It really is such a pity.


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