Eyes Wide Open


I’ve been experiencing a metamorphosis. A very positive one that really does make me feel a sudden enlightenment.

Things were stagnant for so long and a little over a year ago my world as I knew it, collapsed. I spiraled into a dark and frightening descent, feeling broken, damaged beyond anything I ever experienced before. Like everything was pointless, cruel, cold. Eventually I stopped being aware of my own emotions, became severely detached, my view was seen through hurt and suffering eyes.

I thought it would never cease. That I was bound to be left trapped in the new darkness. I was wrong.

Now I feel like I have been lifted up and out, beyond where I ever was before. I see the entire world and life itself, differently. I see light. I see how small things are interconnected and how valuable simplicity is.
How deep in the layers of this existence we should strive to connect and seek happiness over destruction.

There is no wrong. It’s all learning. There is so much more to this, to what we see, this place as we know it is a school, and peace and love is the way.

It’s bizarre, it must appear to be, yet I swear to you I had an epiphany and I shall not be the same as I was before. I can look back but I cannot remove what I now know and believe to be the truth.

This is only the beginning.

Everything is so much bigger. This reality is only a sliver of a far bigger picture.
I used to say, long ago in my life, that we are here to learn. Maybe I never fully grasped it or perhaps I got lost along the way and became consumed by the show, but it’s true. This is a beautiful illusion that we have chosen to participate in. A raw learning experience, and it is what you make it. It is also practically impossible to see that while you roll around in the grittiness of it. Step back, farther, be lifted higher, then suddenly you see the land sprawled out before you.


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