It’s so nice and gloomy

Today is, for me, yet another one of those days where getting up and moving about is a tremendous struggle. I think I’m hungry but feeding myself seems to require too much effort. As does dressing, washing, and brushing my tangled hair. He’s gone off to work, hours ago actually, and it usually takes me […]

Invisibility Cloak

    I have mostly forgotten what seemed like a nightmare. Those feelings, the wrenching pain, the shock, the sorrow, that night he said he had been having an affair. My world as I knew it collapsed entirely. It’s funny, after every terrible thing I have ever been through that is what did it. A […]

Getting over it

I used to be hurt. Hurt that he lied. Hurt that he faked going to work while he spent hours with her. Later I realized she was easy, available, and could have been anyone. In fact I quite think years ago I was her. Not in any particular way, but the deer caught in headlights […]

Do not disturb

I don’t get sick often. Not because I’m in extraordinary good health but I’m careful. In addition, I don’t go out much, for multiple reasons. For years the main reason was the depression I developed, paired with social anxiety. The lesser reason being there isn’t much to do where I live to tempt one. I […]